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6 tips that will make your stand construction service provider even better

Most company departments for events or trade fair organizations have little opportunity to increase their staffing levels. The orders are often only sufficient for a part-time employee and are usually seasonal. Booking an external event manager can therefore be worthwhile. Because you can use it – and pay for it – when you need it. This allows you to significantly reduce your booth costs.

Nevertheless, many companies are skeptical about this concept when planning their trade fair appearance because they cannot assess the quality of the results delivered. Of course, you want to hire professionals who do a good job. Therefore, you should read the following advice for your trade fair planning carefully in order to achieve the best possible result: Choose Shaz Tech your Best exhibition stand designer in Dubai.

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1. Develop a clear project description

It's always the easiest way that works: explain exactly what the contractor has to do. The better your order is described - details, schedules, expectations, feedback options, etc. - the fewer surprises you will experience when you appear at the trade fair. The events industry is all about the details. The question of over-competence on the part of the contractor often arises. 

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Is he actually capable of exhibition stand design ideas to develop that nobody from your own company could think of? And can you then check the result? The answer to that is: It doesn't matter! Plan as precisely as you can, and include a clause in the contract that says you'll revise it later as the details of the project become clearer. A professional booth builder will flesh out the scope and details of what is required to deliver a memorable experience - whether you are buying the booth or renting the booth.

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2. Praise the contractor's performance

Employers often worry that the service providers do not feel sufficiently integrated into the company. The best way to solve this problem: involve them in the trade fair planning from the start and recognize the partner's performance! If a contractor has come up with an exceptional solution, send them an email and give them credit for their accomplishments as you would for one of your employees. This contributes significantly to the fact that the contractor feels part of the team. 

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3. Maintain communication - positive and negative

Sure, you have 20 full-time employees to manage, a boss who presses you, and enough paperwork to fill a pool. No wonder you forgot to contact the service providers and ask how things are going.

Sound familiar? Then you should invest in communication!

Establish a regular schedule for checking in and/or submitting individual jobs. Stay tuned! Make sure the boat is heading in the right direction, saving you time and money.

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4. Develop a billing mode that suits your business

It is sometimes advisable to test different billing structures if your company has the flexibility to do so. If you're concerned that the contractor is taking too much time to get something done, you can agree on a flat-rate project fee. Sometimes billing by the hour can be more efficient. You can also split a larger project into smaller parts and set the wage structure for each part individually.

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What is also attractive: offer bonuses! If your contractor has done a good job, feel free to give them a little extra. This will increase his loyalty!

5. Use all of the contractor's skills

We often hire contractors because they have very specific skills. As a result, their job description is pretty narrow. This can cause you to miss other ideas or opportunities for support that a partner can provide.

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Ask for feedback! Encourage the contractor to provide you with ideas for your business. Be open to these suggestions and think deeply about them. It's always worth checking to see if he's up to more. For example, most event managers, whether partners or employees are very well organized and excellent at project management. You are used to multitasking. Others are also very strong in marketing communications. If your marketing staffing is thin, the service provider might be able to take on other responsibilities as well.

6. Keep your promises

Do you know why good service providers don't like working with you? And not deliver on the agreed date? Late payments, no response, weeks of no response to emails. You wouldn't be happy either if someone hired you and didn't meet the agreed deadlines. Plan realistic dates and pay on time. Communicate the state of affairs to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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In short, if you treat your events supplier like an employee, you will get the best results.

6 tips that will make your stand construction service provider even better

Most company departments for events or trade fair organizations have little opportunity to increase their staffing levels. The orders are of...